Misunderstood Gargoyles & Overrated Angels

“No one remains who can question the authenticity of my memory of places, people and events that were very much never what they were cracked up to be.”
Always an observer of events and human traits, Susie Duncan Sexton offered without apology her thoughts and observations, and fitting her persona into pigeonholes was thrillingly impossible. “I have searched for the ‘We of Me’ since toddler days and have always come up wanting, though I trust that in my next life I shall finally have figured out how to make this world a better place full of tolerance and inclusiveness and understanding for all forms of life.”

best i could today….

i done did the very best i could today–posting “orphans’ ” faces and facts on grand display!hoping somebody cares and adopts a dear “friend”,leading the way to a fantastic, happy trend~!“let us empty every cage…” […]

time to stop believing in and hiding behind magic

In response to this information about the abuse of animals at Indiana University’s medical school… …I sent the following note to Betty.J.Goldentyer@usda.gov – please join me in emailing her: PLEASE, let us end our inhabiting of another […]

i compare that state of being to heaven itself

i am always exhausted…but i compare that “state of being” to heaven itself…my mind is where it should be…focused on these orphan animals instead of on ME! so happy that i finally figured out how […]

i’ve got many scars from my attempts…

how and why do human beings become so nasty and evil? and kill without thought or remorse or empathy? the blowing-off-types who dismiss hearts that care and more importantly cause more murdering to happen with […]

Crying when it rains: animal duos…

my twosome kitties cannot be apart from each other for a second…i saved two dogs from execution over a dozen years ago…one of them died this summer and her pal could not get used to […]

the sensitization must begin

my philosophy is we give the homeless animals posted on facebook a beautiful chance/chances to connect with some human angel by sharing their pix that they pose for as if they KNOW that is their […]

going cold turkey: veganism and me

i was recently asked by my friend pamela on facebook: “hi susie, just wondering when you transitioned to no meat. how did you transition, and was it hard at first. is food still good? did […]

i am quite overbooked…

Thoughts from a cold Saturday morning in November… just watched four people seeming to speak greek about marketing books. did not understand one word except for an author who seemed to lament the e-book rage […]

animals have sensitized my soul…

Thoughts from a cold Sunday evening in November… i truly identify with animals…always have…and have not always been there 100 per cent of the time for all of them who crossed my path. a failure […]


REGARDING THE DEER CULLING SCHEDULED FOR NOV. 13, 14, 26 and 27, maligning our state’s parks’ system (read the story by clicking here): This truly needs to be stopped. We do believe fewer “state parks” are participating […]

Try to learn something…

“Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.” – T. H. Huxley, English biologist and author (1825-1895) I JUST WANT TO DIE HALF THE TIME…i actually picked up the phone and straightened out […]


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