Follow-up to Indiana government officials on deer culling initiative (2011)

received a generated reply from Shelley Reeves and here is my reply…(and are you aware of the Albion Chain o’ lakes fatality this past week….a buck defending itself from a gunshot, premature dressing and then stabbing may have gored the “hunter” who is now dead…can be read in HUFFINGTON POST here).

below is my response to Shelley and please reconsider the misguided wisdom of continuing the massacre via the second bout of this horror which does not reflect well upon our state: Please read on for my reply to the generated response from Shelley — thanks for stopping this if at all possible…now for my reply to the lady:

Not sure if I can reply to this e-mail address, but here goes…three hunters arrested this past week for baiting deer with salt pellets…and another hunter at chain o’ lakes shot a buck and was dressing it and the deer was still alive and fought back and the guy stabbed the deer? And the dying buck retaliated by goring the hunter possibly through the liver…with his “natural weaponry”…became national news.

One armed “hunter” dead…one unarmed animal tortured and now dead. Just now read that these reduction efforts lead to further overpopulation as twins are being born as a natural adjustment to all the killing which when organized into these massive hunts flushes the animals into traffic. Much money to be made on licenses from governmental agencies who provide salaries to lots of employees and weaponry bought at Wal-mart…so over-population is encouraged!!!!!

Birth control is the answer…but not a money-maker for profiteers of slaughter. I do not sanction killing ever. Thanks for replying though. No rationalizations accepted by many many of us now as we evolve. Hunting increases deer populations which is probably the idea…sterilization is the answer…have the DNR research that.

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