some thoughts from a full night of facebooking…

…time to be educating our youth that caring is not unmanly…that peaceful coexistence is not uncool…this is serious stuff. amazing that this is not an outrage to more people. time to step in and step up and educate…this is just plain mean and cruel and what many, many of us regard as a sin. no question about it.

…i am one of those suckers who is always poor from vet bills….for some reason i am allergic to money in any form whatsoever…i fly by the seat of my…pants! persuasion is my only weapon of choice. but i am lousy at generating funds from self-centered people…i’ll do anything i can..i can always learn. NOKILL is totally possible…if we could have the funds those in control receive for rendering carcasses into fertilizers and unwholesome pet food and sales of live shelter animals to experimental labs and the profits garnered from the sale of gassing machines and redirect that cash into NOKILL, that would be a hearty/hardy start.

i wish i could write what i really feel and think, which i do in my blog…but we live in an incestuous, shrinking world of redneck, hunting-obsessed, crazy, small-minded zealots…i am torn up in my soul every day…just so glad though that i am speaking up for what that is worth. i’ll get you some meaningful friends lined up. you are a very best freind to me because you love animals…i admit IF humans genuinely care and do something TO SAVE THESE PRECIOUS LIVES then I LOVE THOSE KINDA FOLKS!!!!!

…i am like a really wholesome jack kerouac! …just being a realist. cannot believe some of the dear souls on facebook though. just wishing i knew a few more great folks in real life! ;D

And thanks to June Wilson for this: “It is awesome to have you on our side, Susie Sexton!” Thanks, June!

And Tressa Marie: “Another great blog from amazing Susie! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! ♥ She is so very right that the education of our youths to show love, care, concern, compassion and respect for all living beings, is vital to changing the future for our animal friends. It starts with what we teach and show!” Thank you, wonderful Tressa!

hey, kids, what can we say?
care, and don’t look away.
adopt an orphan soon,
who’ll bark a happy tune!
also, how’ bout a cat?
to that, i’ll tip my hat! =^..^= ♥!

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