i choose nature. we can learn from Her!

hey, i love you people — and thanks for sharing dreams, jokes, souls, kind words, deep thoughts, and ANIMAL PHOTOGRAPHS…LIFE HAPPENS HERE! ♥!!!!! we do good stuff…yep~! the present is our present (gift)…we never look away…we stop to help in real time. you folks inspire me daily! our time is never wasted. ♥!!!!

…i would much rather be right here doing this sharing of shelter photographs and animal news than nearly anything i can think of…however, i wish the tragic situations would disappear…but there is no way that can happen if people do not network and inform and advocate…and that is very positive. we are correct to do so. this aspect of facebook and social media is hopeful and inclusive of all who live and should we succeed in some way, the benefits are enormous.

…a friend suggested to me that i am in pain…bet your bippy i am in pain because i cannot look away…many of us look tragedies in the face, experience pain, and do something about it…with very little discussion, we network and we write and we share. second by second. something positive that can be done. we are doing just that. yay, us! YES…♥ ♥

nature should take its course cuz the advice of humans generally is misinformed, lazy, and blow-offish…nature is kind more often than not…mercurial in a wholesome way. nature generally minds its own business? ;D i choose nature. we can learn from Her!


“So in America when the sun goes down and I sit on the old broken-down river pier watching the long, long skies over New Jersey and sense all that raw land that rolls in one unbelievable huge bulge over to the West Coast, and all that road going, all the people dreaming in the immensity of it, and in Iowa I know by now the children must be crying in the land where they let the children cry, and tonight the stars’ll be out; and don’t you know that God is Pooh Bear? the evening star must be drooping, and shedding her sparkler dims on the prairie, which is just before the coming of complete night that blesses the earth, darkens all rivers, cups the peaks and folds the final shore in, and nobody, nobody knows what’s going to happen to anybody besides the forlorn rags of growing old, I think of Dean Moriarty, I even think of old Dean Moriarty the father we never found, I think of Dean Moriarty.” ~ Jack Kerouac

…now some can refer to that as a run-on sentence…OR just read through it and try to comprehend the fabulous message from this genius. it ain’t necessarily easy but very worth the time spent thinking about something quite important.


From wonderful Tressa Marie: “This blog is wonderful and I love what it says. Always much respect to Suie for all that she does for our animal friends! Awesome, amazing lady! ♥” Thanks, Tressa!

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