deleting can be fun…and when i myself get deleted i always consider the source and their lack of good taste!

[inspired by a heartfelt post about Facebook that was written by my good, kind, gracious friend Paul Clifford Schrade…]

oh, how i agree about the trivial aspects of the “social” network…as i have never been a “social” animal! ;D

your poetic offerings have boosted my morale more than you know, paul…and your animal advocacy keeps me in the battle to recognize the holocaust perpetrated upon sentient beings each nano-second that the rest of us go on living our own lives. i cannot tolerate the apathy…so when this (most important tragedy in this world) issue evokes deep response from the “PAULS” among us, i nearly sob with happiness.

i cannot live without paul who is a BOLD NATIVE…(watch the movie and get on board and end the destruction of our environment and its innocent and beautiful inhabitants).

paul, you are not only fabulous, you have fabulous fans here! you have been my support system, sir, when others post photographs of their toenail polish or sandals or casseroles being served for supper — containing bacon and beef and ham.

too much of the time FACEBOOK IS HIGH SCHOOL and i detested high school…i live for those times when people connect about helping and acknowledging and accepting one another and support all who live to survive the self-centered madness so many of us cannot abide. what great folks have registered their appreciation for you…

yep, supporting each other in real time instead of waiting for that “RIP/rainbow bridge duct tape” phrase means we have got it right. often, i chalk some of the dead-headedism up to AGE-ISM… funny, my husband shouts at me THAT I BEHAVE LIKE A TWELVE YEAR OLD (NICE, HUH?) yet in the jungle of facebook and restaurants and wherever i go, i feel like eyeballs roll and sighs happen and “i’d really rather talk to somebody else” proliferates?

so how can a person be 12 years old and yet too old to matter and both at the same time i ask? ;D

life can be a pain in the ass. not only on facebook but also venturing into the live jungle of humanity. people are the same all over…facebook allowed me to meet some great ones though. thanks, i needed that, facebook! ;D

…i have been disillusioned and disappointed and shocked at some people and their lack of giving a damn OR a compliment ONCE in awhile…maybe THEY are social misfits? yeah, that’s the ticket… ;D

deleting can be fun…and when i myself get deleted i always consider the source and their lack of good taste! wheeeeeeee.

(and it does take a hell of a long time to paint toenails and photograph oneself doing so and try to impress people with stories of shopping and traveling…INSTEAD OF PAYING ATTENTION TO THE ANIMAL HOLOCAUST and getting up from the monitor and adopting a homeless pet or two which are most generally my repetitive posts because there are bajillions of homeless pets and farm animals about to be slaughtered for the very coolest and most awesome recipes…my two cents!)

i ain’t one of the crowd…why i enjoy facebook i’ll never know…but i do NOT enjoy the bubbleheads. ;D

bubble heads ARE bobble heads…only in disguise!


…people like paul can be found in facebook land which means that this invention of the “social” network has more plusses than minuses. angels among us…right on these monitors…and determined angels at that. our Earth and its voyagers whom we know about in real time greatly matter and we must care about each other and all sentient beings without fail. knock down the obstacles and keep advocating for what is correct.

and i love this blog even if i am the only one to read it… sweet voices interested in inclusiveness are the very best…they are heaven-like and inspirational and problem-solving which is why we exist…to better this place…to advance toward total goodness and appreciation for each other as we are…it ain’t easy but is worth it…the struggle is difficult but the goal is worth every bit of pain we endure.

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