thank you for the lives you save…and the hearts you calm

i am sad part of every day and have become a different person since learning to cherish all living beings…

and to be as brave as i can for their rights to live…but i do cry daily…i used to look away…now i look at social media posts that a rugged cowboy would wince at and more importantly i look to the future when people never give up our insistence upon an end to all of these deaths at the hands of human beings who should know better…

…i am sad when people lack compassion/comprehension as to the suffering of others, whether human or animal…

…beyond imagining…this is no longer the DARK AGES nor a primitive “society” i should hope. disgusting and horrid. such ignorance should not be tolerated by anybody anywhere at anytime. shameful. must be stopped.

i don’t often post the sad scenes, but if we can recruit those who have never paused to consider what we are trying to avoid, i.e. killing by whatever method, then (these realities pass my view when i least expect it, too) posting probably helps to end this practice…but i always consider not posting…so very many posts i have seen that i have not shared.

…frequently i cannot suffer through even the sad pix…so what must the reality be like for innocent animals who are incarcerated and waiting to die and have done nothing wrong and are so frightened and rightfully so. we must change this horrid system of killing no matter what method is used.

…i have such appreciation for the thoughtfulness and genuine concern of those animal lovers working toward a solution – a solution for this epidemic which we stare at each day and for the bewilderment we experience as we attempt to do the best we can.

i saved the life of a beauty of a dog ten years ago…she died in July. i sense her presence this very second. her name was zelda and i plucked her from euthanasia a decade ago…in five more minutes she would have been gone…instead i walked her home to this house and loved her so. we are correct to care as profoundly as we do.

thank you to those tireless animal advocates for all the work that you do and the lives that you save and the hearts that you calm…

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