Other musings…

last night, i posted a status where i borrowed some excellent words from a lady on a string of a young euthanized dog…i do not want to engage in the posting of the many many tragedies but how do we get the great apathetic middle zone of humans to stop and care and help to stop all the crassness and brutality occurring every every second? we have to face the nightmarish facts.

…stunned sometimes by the lack of compassion among my fellow humans for the animal kingdom but upon review those folks were always totally self-involved…i have reversed that process and i have walked away from those in my life and on facebook who do not and WILL not ever give a damn…we obviously never had one thing in common and i would rather include people who care.

occasionally also when somebody is just “part way” interested in animal welfare, i kiss those folks good-bye, too.

killing is always wrong…not just “sometimes” evil. or when somebody gets all control freakish and forgets how sweet animals are and how much they need us to check our egos at the door.

to those reading this and understanding, we are of the same mind…and we are in our right minds! the stories i could share about the thugs i have met. not to be believed. and the nay-sayers…all they do is contemplate the fuzz in their own navels!


…but then I get feedback like this, and it makes it all worthwhile…

From Kat Kelly-Heinzelman in reference to my Congressman Marlin Stutzman letters:

“You need to run for this man’s place…you care not only for the human rights but the animals rights and it is about time we had someone who does and who will stand up for the animals who have no one else. Love you my dear friend and thank you for being the way you are. Right on about the rights of animals and their rights to be safe and sound just like all of us….So great to have you as a friend. I love reading your blogs. I’m learning something new all the time. Thank you for sharing your writings with all the rest of us. Hugs and much ❤ Kat “

Thank YOU, Kat, for your kindness and compassion at every turn!

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