when we love life we love it all…no compartmentalizing

thanks to good friend Cynthia DeVoe for these marvelous quotes:

“Life is life – whether in a cat or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man’s own advantage.” ~ Sri Aurobindo

“Animals, like humans, suffer emotionally. We must strive to cause them neither physical pain nor emotional anguish.” ~ EXODUS 34:26

…some of the photos of unwanted animals I see on facebook look like paintings from the middle ages…or the DARK AGES…what a tragedy … which seems to be going unnoticed by way too many. what can we do? i feel like we are talking to brick walls…incredible. people are either in denial or fiddling with their own navels…i say that and then remember how many of us never stop actively working WITH animals and saving animals from afar…a huge bunch of us do that. and nobody nor nothing can make us stop doing what is correct…this is not a matter of opinion….this is a fact…some of us care and some don’t…and those who don’t give a damn really care about nothing no matter what they say…all life matters…in whatever form…and when we love life we love it all…no compartmentalizing. grrrrrrr. flattery , compromise, whatever it takes…wishing we could get everybody on board…tiring often to care so much in the face of such nasty apathy. thanks for all that you do and for your talents!!!!!! ♥!!

…and then there is north carolina. i have been saying this for so long…so much religion in that state…i know because my roots are there…and quite a bit of stubborn responses re animal welfare…i hear “but people matter more than animals”…really? my heart can hold love for all living beings…i do not pick and choose according to political or religious loyalties. caring is caring, right? thank for “getting” what life is all about! i have written officials there several times…only one fellow replied but he justified the mass killings and the sale of live animals for research purposes…but at least he responded to my concerns…oddly…but responded.

cynthia wrote on facebook last night: “I’m not religious, per se, although I was raised Catholic. It has always bothered me how people use the ‘…and God gave man dominion over the animals…’ to justify their mistreatment of them. I thought, this can’t be right. And it’s not. You just have to look harder and most people don’t care enough to do that. It’s easy to abuse, torture and kill animals, as much as it pains me to say that, but it’s the truth. We are a very sorry species, very sorry, indeed….Present company excepted, of course!!!♥”

cynthia is just wonderful! i like to interpret that dominion thingie like this…therefore with our supposed larger brains we are destined to revere and nurture animals and to learn from them…and to be protective and appreciative. so that’s my interpretation — and we should all be aware that the bible is open to interpretation and is not always to be taken literally but as a manual for dealing with human behavior? shakespeare offers us the same type of material BTW as did the greeks and the chinese and etc….as does the living of one’s life. landmines are everywhere and so is great love/caring…one never knows where or when or why either, i.e. evil landmines or noble love, will pop up. but i know this…killing is evil and not a good thing…and either a person allows that it is okay to kill or a person says NO, it is NOT okay to kill. …. then THOU SHALT NOT KILL! a-men again ;D (NOKILL for sandwich meat or for convenience or for cash or from vengeance or for experimentation or for any reason whatsoever.)

oh, my god…my animal rescue friends do great work! what glorious beings…and so many of us work ’round the clock to remind folks to save these lives…to spare these lives…to appreciate these wonderful beings…starting with Ants all the way to Zebras — A to Z! …all of LIFE really does matter! THOU SHALT NOT KILL! perfect advice which we must start NOW to follow at last! a-men!

stunning….sometimes i literally fall off my little caned chair when i view the beautiful animals on my monitor as posted in my facebook newsfeed…so many just blow me away…how can human beings kill beauty…beyond my comprehension…animals are art…they are always gorgeous…always…always. and so fascinating…i detest the thuggishness of this world…and it IS 2012…time to appreciate each other and all the wonder surrounding ourselves…wow, nothing finer than that! ♥!!!


LOVE this reaction to the above entry on a neat new facebook group called “Co-Creation Group…Together We Can Make A Difference“…

Debbie Reek: “Okay! Now that we’re doin’ the ‘thank you’ bit – thank you to ROY for bringing Susie Duncan Sexton’s blog to all of our attention. Amazing woman who’s able to communicate what I’m unable (lack of writing skills, shall we say!) You too, Roy, are a diamond in the rough. Talk about a slow pick-up on the obvious here. Susie any relation?”

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