i’ve got many scars from my attempts…

how and why do human beings become so nasty and evil? and kill without thought or remorse or empathy?

the blowing-off-types who dismiss hearts that care and more importantly cause more murdering to happen with their swaggering attitudes…i simply avoid those loser jerk-wads these days…

…waiting for murder and killing to not only be unfashionable and rated as barbaric but also illegal! it is 2012…kill not any living being lest that happen to those who do the killing.

and i believe a secret is there is money to be made on all of this slaughtering–rendering of cadavers into pet food and fertilizers and selling live jailed trapped animals to laboratories not to mention getting paid for the actual murdering…

i read somewhere that the sense of collective guilt causes some thugs to become even more stubborn about slaughter of any being whatsoever…these ooks cannot face their responsibility for and their participation in such brutality…

to figure out how to insist humans face up to such personal wickedness is impossible…i do my best, face to face and otherwise…and guess what? i’ve got many scars from my attempts…but i shall not ever stop.

…i am becoming crankier and bolder by the second…i concentrate on those who still have souls so that together we can round up the those meanies “out there” and convert their hearts to kindness.

swaggering can get outta hand…swaggerers try to impress each other like they are dames at a beauty pageant (and i mean so-called “men”?????? and their “chicks” or gun-molls), so in order not to be a casualty of war i move on, but one of these days i shall not…brutes are brain dead and cowards and i know too many personally.

absolutely true. NOW is the only time…NOW!!!!! ♥!!!!!!


…all i want is that the world becomes totally loving and understanding toward all animals and sentient beings …in the next second. patience? no, we have all been waiting long enough…

at least there are kind, enlightened humans are speaking up and facing the facts and are unafraid to do so…

i KNOW i have a different look in my eyes since i faced the reality of the horrors we have allowed to continue for far too long. we are no longer cavemen…we are evolving…just needs to be accelerated…NOW!

special effects in films…reality on tv? a mixed-up world. we are surrounded by the beauty of animals…we must look into their faces. my kind of special effects. my kind of reality. we must protect them.

we must not worry that the misinformed and clueless engage in idiotic temper tantrums when we advocate an end toward the murderous violence directed at animals. enough of the terror…no more terrorists who kill innocent beings by the nano-second for whatever horrid reason drummed up. shame on murderous mentalities. kudos to the brave-HEARTed who will end this sad hell on Earth.


i am getting skinny and breaking out in a rash and my eyes are haunted looking as hell…this work both depresses and delights me because i can help enlighten and i can help save lives. i shall never stop…i no longer eat animals and i am appalled that the whole world does not “get” how important all living beings are…all living beings. our only hope to survive is to understand that one concept. we must deal with this re-establishment of a reverence for nature and for our environment and this Earth which is so spectacular…we are the guardians! i am a new person…and i am exhausted all of the time…but this boosts my spirits every day. oh, what it means to me – i cannot begin to express my gratitude…


great comments!

Denise Hourihan: “Like the way you think, Susie. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is any way to convert these evil people. I’d prefer to just see them locked up for life. Especially the monsters that train the poor Pit Bulls to fight! It’s just not in their nature … man makes them that way, takes many months to take the loving nature out of these dogs, and the dogs get the bad reputation for it. So sad!!!”

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