Crying when it rains: animal duos…

my twosome kitties cannot be apart from each other for a second…i saved two dogs from execution over a dozen years ago…one of them died this summer and her pal could not get used to her absence for a solid month and he cried when it rained as if he was worried she was still outside in the rain…even after a month. he still wonders where she is.

the lessons i have learned from my pets i cannot even begin to count. they are my heaven on earth in real time. i am a believer…♥!!!


Love these comments…

From Tressa Marie about the above entry: “And some ‘people’ think that animals don’t feel and don’t experience emotions??!!!”

Shannon Basner: “you are wonderful! Yeah what would life be like if there weren’t furry friends everywhere. Thank you, Susie! ♥ Description: heart”

B. Anne Giles Watson: “Roy, what an adorable pic! Your mom looks super terrific!!!!”

Mina Bonita: “These people who think that animals don’t have emotions, can’t feel emotion, they themselves are unable to receive or give any kind of emotion, and therefore believe that the animals are the same.”


BLESS YOUR HEARTS…I HAVE HAD A HELL OF A WEEK WITH “THICK” PEOPLE…THEY SEEM TO NOTICE NONE OF these serious issues regarding animals…AND THEN SAY SOMETHING UTTERLY CLUELESS AND MEAN-SPIRITED CLAIMING GOD IS ON THEIR SIDE…and that only people matter…i am not yelling…had my “caps” key down! thanks for making my day…

and a disney movie about saving the lives of animals is just what this selfish world needs right now. i am beside myself watching all the vanity and simple-mindedness in my corner of this little world…you perked me up! YAY! ♥Description: heart!!!

this process is indeed addictive–i know that!!! …fun and time-consuming and exhausting and my housekeeping skills have totally bitten the dust now! ;D

we accomplish for animals…yep, this saturday at south whitley library event was fun BECAUSE animals, including about 50 dogs, walked back and forth in front of us all day? leave it to me to LOVE that aspect of a book signing? i am hopeless. such nice people i met today also…but my eyes always focus on ANIMALS! in another life i MUST have been a squirrel or a rhino? LOL…thanks for your support – means so much! so proud of you…we can never stop…you are dolls!!!!!

honestly, i consider animals ANGELS…i love moving through life believing that…and THAT is why i want them alllllllllll safe and appreciated…seriously…every one of them…not much to ask, right?

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