i compare that state of being to heaven itself

i am always exhausted…but i compare that “state of being” to heaven itself…my mind is where it should be…focused on these orphan animals instead of on ME!

so happy that i finally figured out how to enjoy LIFE to the maximum. the secret? empathize with those who are as bewildered as i have ALWAYS been regarding human behavior. seriously.

THANKS FOR YOUR COURAGE AND YOUR EVER-SUNNY SOULS! again, i am sometimes hobbling…but my eye is on the sparrow!i believe totally in mind over matter!

i wrote the above in response to my wonderful friend, the great animal savior kate riviello who posted, “I cannot WAIT to read your book!! No one and I mean NO ONE says it like it is like you!!…If it were not for friends like you, Susie, I could not even get up off the floor. I mean this literally – like even right now, with my head gasket blown for the past 120 miles that I had to get a dog to safety, all night every 15 miles I had to stop to add oil, hoping my car is not destroyed, passing out from exhaustion a couple of times, thankful I had the money for the oil. Now I’m home, a dog was brought to safety, and every single drop of blood, sweat and tears expended for them is worth it. Everything I could not do if it were not for people like you in my life. Love you, let’s talk soon!! xoxoxox”

kate is my role-model! thanks, kate!!! ♥!!!!! most of all and top of the list would be: THANKS FOR SAVING THE LIVES OF OUR FRIENDS, THE ANIMALS!!! ♥!!

kate’s statement about the book thrills me…but i am so inferior to her…her efforts are monumental! i honestly think of her when i muster the courage to speak up and out and steadily and for certain and without reservation — when i am working for animals and their rights to life and happiness! my heart pounds often to the point i think it is gonna rip outta my chest, but i review in my mind her leadership and her videos of courageous actions and her ability to inspire and to be strong for our noble cause! i am copying her!


love this note from sweet tressa marie:

“Wish more people thought this way, like Susie does. This world would be a much better place if people thought less of themself and more of our animals that are in so much need…She deserves all these blessings and more for what she does each day! Much respect and appreciation to her always.”

thank you, tressa!

…and more neat comments! wow!

Neil J. Simon: “She is GREAT! What a woman! She is very impressive and I am enjoying watching her growth in popularity.”

Cecelia Whapham: “Have visited the gravesite of James Dean in Fairmount, Indiana, and was so surprised to see it is still being adorned with flowers, teddy bears, and kisses! The young man was a brilliant actor and only made three movies in his short life and yet….he is still remembered by so many fans. We can only hope that we, too, will be remembered for what we have done in our short lives. Will look for Ms. Sexton’s book.”

Kelly McBride (Australia): “Susie Sexton has reached her Facebook friend limit so I can’t post this on her page … I hope you, Roy, will pass it on…….. Dear Susie, As great writer I’m sure you know what the term ‘inferior’ means. You used it to compare yourself to another human. Sweetie, you could NEVER be inferior despite the scale you choose to compare yourself…… You have and are doing so much for our animal friends. If you choose to subject yourself to comparisons next time please say ‘I am less knowledgeable than….’ You will never be seen as inferior to anyone in the minds of your fellow humans xoxo”

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