time to stop believing in and hiding behind magic

In response to this information about the abuse of animals at Indiana University’s medical school…

…I sent the following note to Betty.J.Goldentyer@usda.gov – please join me in emailing her:

PLEASE, let us end our inhabiting of another era which Charles Dickens once documented…the horrors of a backward, victimizing society…ghoulish and ignorant. I register my disapproval and ask that we progress and evolve and stop torturing animals to figure out what seems to be wrong with humans…thanks for stepping up to protest and to be a voice for animals relegated to experimentation in the year 2012…never necessary and certainly not now. Thanks for reading…

just sent the above, and, thankfully, it does not go to the “bought” guy who does not represent those who believe in the welfare and rights of sentient beings…and hopefully the political affiliation of the recipient does not cloud HER sense of fairness! my party appreciates animals…maybe women can lead the way on this……no more following the patriarchal lead. waiting for that day i am.

i keep believing that a charles dickens will surface to write novels about our ghoulish and nightmarish uncivilized human behavior and enlighten those who can join us to stop the terror.

…all of my pleas in the past have gone to a senator who is a hand-maiden for the agricultural “industry” and he makes no apologies about being bought off by that entity…animals mean zilch to that guy. shall see if this paper/cyber trail leads to…rome…and mr. NERO!

…and the apathy will be the ultimate culprit…time to stop believing in and hiding behind magic…this reality show must be looked in its face and changed for the good. wake up and step in and speak out…


…this is the fundamental concept…if we care, we DO…no time to even comment…just get really busy and save lives! this is perfect! when we are working this hard, no time for sadness…we pursue happiness like there is no tomorrow. exhausting but worth it!

for example, my dear friend Tressa Marie observed, “This blog really hits me right in the heart as I am involved in an Animal Testing Group and we are petitioning hard against all of these evil and horrific injustices that are done to our animal friends.” thanks, Tressa, for all you do and all the ACTION you take to make this world a better place and to help our animal friends.

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