that’s how life goes when life matters!

From Julie Fletcher, “Susie, you do such a heartbreaking task each day to help them all, I know why you do it but its so hearbreaking to see the abuse all the time, when God looked for the best Earth Angel, he didn’t have far to Go before he found you…I don’t know if you are ever told this… But you are the best my friend, and God walk beside you in your constant battle to save his Beautiful Animals…Thank you so much xxx”


oh, julie and sylvie…how much your words do mean to me…thank you so much. actually, i am purposely staying awake all night with a stray cat who may have been in a close call with an automobile…babysitting until the vet’s office opens. so your words of encouragement are indeed well-timed.

so many folks care tremendously such as you and i do…but there are many detractors and too many challenges and road-blocks and my heart aches much of each day.

but that’s how life goes when life matters!

so i am trying to toughen up and maintain the same soft heart simultaneously which is verrrrry tricky, to say the least! ;D ♥!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! you are sweethearts!!!

furthermore, i was told by a vet that no dissecting of animals even necessary for veterinarians in training for years now. i cannot and shall not even come close to being apologetic for outrage over such barbarism in the 21st century or ever for that matter.

and i have signed so many petitions aimed at stopping such cruelty at U of M and Wayne state…plus letters …that my fingers are numb. and i am totally not gonna argue with human beings about mutilation and torture and murder for one more second.

thanks for your wonderful spines/backbones…that is what it takes to eventually sensitize people and recruit them to help end the atrocities.

this sharing that we do is pretty wonderful…and one can only hope we gain some converts along the way who comprehend the magnitude of this epidemic of tragedies which can be turned around through knowledge and cooperation — and yes, sharing! a-men! ♥!

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