Secrets of an Old Typewriter Press Release – Picked Up by Talk of the Town

Press release for Secrets of an Old Typewriter picked up by Talk of the Town!

Here is the link…

Columbia City’s Susie Duncan Sexton, a Talk of the Town columnist and new author of “Secrets of an Old Typewriter: Stories from a Smart and Sassy Small Town Girl,” recounts with humor, verve and insight decades of small town life in America. The smart and sassy essays cover such subjects as ’50s and ’60s nostalgia, America’s great books and motion pictures, politics, religion, animal rights and modern-day values.

Describing her essays, Sexton says, “I willingly share nostalgic trips to the past as I have now achieved such an old age that no one remains who can question the authenticity of my memory of places, people and events that were very much never what they were cracked up to be.”

“Secrets of an Old Typewriter: Stories from a Smart and Sassy Small Town Girl” is available to read on all popular eReaders including Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble NOOK. It is also available in PDF format to read on PC.

Duncan Sexton grew up in Columbia City. After graduating 12th in her class at Ball State University (winning the first ever John R. Emens award for “most outstanding senior”), she returned to her hometown where she has worked as a teacher, a publicist and a health lecturer.

She currently writes monthly columns for a blog and her local newspaper.

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