god is present in these beautiful faces…

god is present in these beautiful faces, that we ignore the haunting and pleading expressions on, as we allow other humans to slay these living beings. when we kill, we kill god…we destroy nature…we make ourselves vindictive gods with no concern for the beauty we put an end to…dead is dead.

“RIP” is an escape mechanism…nothing rests in peace unless we are speaking of naps from which we awake. these second to second slaughters must end–they cannot be rationalized by NO MORE ROOM, PARVO, UPPER RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS, MANGE, ETC.

those who care get blown off…those who cannot speak for themselves become lifeLESS and are thrown into trash receptacles and then bulldozed into land-fills. if we purport to love god…then killing for the sake of convenience or for manufactured rationalizations must end now.

enough. enough mindless killing. PLEASE???????

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