i wondered if i was alone in my thinking…

maybe i can stop crying on this monday in which so many orphans are on death row…how i deal with the sadness is i SHARE their photographs because i do not look away. they are facts of life and their lives matter. gotta wash my hair now…hoping more and more folks share these “kids” and i do mean “kids” on facebook.

they truly do deserve to live out their lives. i am so serious. minds engaged in this worthwhile activity and not in shallow self-involvement are the best around.

i am totally loving and respecting those who care enough to try to save these precious, innocent lives second by second. three cheers to you all! gonna wash all thoughts of those less inclined to help right outta my hair and return to do what matters…sharing humane thoughts and eager innocent faces with humanity in real time.

(i totally agree with my friend madeleine fisher-kern who wrote, “Oh, Susie, I’m just aching to get at them…especially the ugly shallow ones”….but shhhhh…the shallow ones can get pretty ugly when we call them shallow…they can break right out of their apathy and get mean as hell…so shhhh…;D they are driving me bats! i read their posts every day…shhhhh! ;D barbie dolls and kens on display…
seriously…and then i wonder where they were when they could have helped mend a broken heart or save a life and get actively involved in healing this world? damn.)

i wondered if i was alone in my thinking…magnifies my heart-break…this society makes me cry every day. so totally self-involved too much of the time…and time is of the essence.

let us recruit more brave-hearted warriors who speak up and take action on behalf of all sentient beings…invite your GOOD friends…very needed in this world of ours. invite them to SQUAWK BACK! ♥!! Click here.

if ever there was a cause to bravely and kindly fight for it is this one for we all win! we need to double our number of squawk backers…


From Beverley Holden: “Stephanie Stringer and her fellow facebook group members are taking on facebook for allowing animal abuse and more to be on display, apparently without any form of supervision or filtering system. WILD TIME talked to Steph Stringer. Click here to listen. WILD TIME talked to Stephanie about their upcoming campaign to force Facebook to clean up their pages and to police their content appropriately.” And you can join their new group here.

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