….isn’t that the best?

wrote the below in response to my wonderful friend Pamela Wainwright- Herrera who was able to use Facebook to help get a sweet pup adopted…

….isn’t that the best? you should be really proud of those accomplishments on behalf of these precious ones we love so much. i am thrilled you and i are friends…

i love working with virtual animals as well as my own babies who i sometimes bark at when they are needing something. i get so busy typing away that i forget to remind them how much i love them and that because they are my “family” and such fun, that is why i help those we meet on facebook.

i feel sorry for folks who are missing out on working with animals. wishing we could recruit those very people to each adopt and empty the shelters. wow, i was just going to bed finally and saw your message and you have brightened my life with your kindness and your fabulous success. congrats on an important job well done! =^..^=


love these comments!

Pamela Wainwright-Herrera: “Susie, you are a wonderful person with a heart of gold to help these innocent animals find homes. If others could help share it would help so much…xx :)”

Carol Knarr: “Running to NYC this weekend to adopt a dog that was posted online. I reposted his pic then fell in love with him myself! He hasn’t been adopted yet, so off I go to add him to my pack.”

Debbie Reek: “I’m with you sister! (Only how eloquently you do write, Susie.) My thoughts don’t translate in the beautiful and succinct prose you author – I need to somehow bring your writing to the attention of the public and open their eyes to one of the few ‘classic’ writers of our time.”

Tyler A. Chase: “I think you are plenty talented, sweetie.”

Vicki Floren Blanche: “i haven’t ignored you at all…just hadn’t found enough words to say…in summary, thank you for the good job…thank you for fighting for God’s creation……….i just wish animals could talk too”

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