thoughts on communicating with our animal friends…

thoughts on communicating with our animal friends…

my babies respond better to lengthy explanations from me than when i just shout one word like SIT or STAY or FETCH…seriously, they like to know WHY they should do that stuff like WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME IF I DO COOPERATE? i swear by that…unless they just get tickled that i sound like charlie brown’s mother or teacher? blah blah blah blah… know what i mean? my babies adore the sound of my voice! ;D i truly believe that! you are a hoot!!! ♥~!~!!


can’t help myself…thoughts on the elephant convention…

oh, i just sat on a very tall stool in the middle of the living room…remember that we sawed our couch in two earlier in the summer and wood chipped it BTW — and i helped mitt get through his speech. clint we shall not even discuss due to charges of ageism which could be filed if we go there. then colbert soothed my soul.

mitt is unfortunately associated with the republican “party” or i could honestly sorta like the fellow…but not beaver “paul ryan” van cleaver. should these two accidentally achieve victory in november, unleashed upon us will be all sorts of small town boys who have sold their souls to the devil that was the oral roberts tradition and we are doomed. family-oriented, starched-shirted, chicken sandwich chewing, baby-embracing, ball-handling, deer-hunting, posturing twits.

(do not tell anyone i wrote that sentence that i closed with…because these “lord of the flies” lads will be totally in charge as our roman empire finally goes up in blazes. and we WILL be chinese in record time…and reduced to birthing one child per family… which possibly might be a good thing?)

other than that, i’m fine….this could all work out. my glass is half…full of vacuousness.

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