this link is vital… Squawk Back! Helping Animals When Others Can’t …Or Won’t

this link is vital…

the world has become so incredibly crass about animal welfare that it is indeed frightening…violence toward animals is either totally ignorant (my husband’s vote) or just damned mean (my vote)…

please invite your friends who care to join us here, as this presidential election seems to be heading toward resolution of this very important issue…about time…way past time…

evolve with us and protect the innocent from violence…and do not be shy…the barbarians are anything but shy…anything for “entertainment”.

please, please become involved in assuring animal rights before our wonderful nation degenerates into complete decadence .. and what amounts to the eventual fall of the “roman empire”!

i kid you not…speak up against the thoughtless and accelerating violence directed toward those who cannot protect themselves. thoughts?

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