Urge Emerald Isle, North Carolina, to Halt Deer Massacre (2012)

Here is what I submitted in response to this link.


Gassing and ONLY gassing domesticated animals in shelters? Killing deer with bows and arrows on Emerald Isle for what? The sake of human “convenience”?

Please, this is horrid and an embarrassment for those of us who hail from YOUR state…not OUR state now… We plan to never ever visit again unless we can address your lack of thinking?

Please reconsider and try to remember that the animal kingdom and our natural environment are treasures, and do not allow politics to steer North Carolina to such acts of both brutality…and yes, absolute indifference.

My mother’s cousin served as adjutant general—a learned and loving and brilliant individual…he and anyone who has a heart and a keen sense of inclusion and logic would be appalled at their state’s absolute insensitivity.

Please, please restore our faith in a once fabulous land…the Tar-heel state.

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