The dogs of angel Gabriele

I wrote the below in response to this article: “Geneseo doesn’t welcome 10 rescued dogs” which can be found here.

And thanks to Naida Austin who encouraged me: “If anyone can write convincingly and persuasively, Susie, it’s YOU!”

Here is the note I sent to …

Please allow this dear soul to live happily with her family of canines whom she is so fond of and for whom she is such a responsible caregiver.

In this economy, so many pets are suffering due to moves and divorces and job losses and unfeeling responses from folks who are completely lacking in empathy. These domesticated beings have no part in any of these set-backs for humans; the animals are innocent victims.

Thank you for reconsidering and understanding the importance of all of us looking after one another in tough economic times and all the time actually. Nurturing living beings is commendable and absolutely not worthy of punishment.

Perhaps, others could help her by fostering temporarily or better yet trusting that this person is to be admired and emulated thus more pets would have homes and more humans would be setting examples of love, unconditional love, inclusiveness and sweet understanding.

How wonderful if others adopted a couple of animals to avert situations where just a few care and provide shelter for animals while others seem to be either totally non-interested or complaining. We all need to care…each one of us.

Again, thank you for taking into consideration the upheaval Gabriele is experiencing and helping her any way possible.

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