In our sphere…a couple of near and dear animal causes

Facebook pal Tyler Chase gave me the supreme compliment, “Good thing you are in our sphere, Susie. Not many really care or have the compassion to speak out. Susie rocks!” Thank you so much, Tyler!

Here are links to a couple of causes near and dear to my heart and the responses I sent them…

“Urgent Action…Wild Horses Need Your Support” –here

please protect “all creatures great and small” through word and action…watch THE MISFITS again…or for the first time…

a fabulous plea for not only understanding ourselves but others, specifically horses.

no man-handling please…try turning to science and birth control…ASAP! put our country on the map once and for all as HUMANE AND TOLERANT AND APPRECIATIVE OF NATURE AND OUR ENVIRONMENT…let us lead the way!

“Governor Jerry Brown: Do not repeal any provisions of the Hayden Law” – here

signed…and this is what we said: all of this mass murdering must mean some kind of profit for somebody…killing is always wrong but can be profitable, rendering carcasses into fertilizers and pet food??? selling live innocents to research laboratories????

…THOU SHALT NOT KILL…gov. arnold was absolutely wrong also to kill immediately and we stopped supporting him from that day forward…whatever happened to empathy and kindness?

dismaying to observe the crassness of CA…hopefully this is one trendy precedent that state does not set for a change…please set an example of kindness and reverence for ALL LIFE. thank you.

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