From Bob and from David…

Neat comment and neat review! From Bob Wannberg: “I am not a skilled writer but have the message, love conquers all. Kindness draws kindness, those who have a beautiful heart draw the same; we have a deep love for animals because they show us how humans should be; love and innocence…..we speak for them because they can’t speak for themselves and fight for them because they are unable to defend themselves. Many people just don’t understand our passion; they need to open their hearts and see what beauty is inside! Every Foster I’ve had I just couldn’t let go! they sit right here! they live better than I do! they should! We may not be able to go back in time and reverse the damage done to them; but we can heal their broken hearts! and that you do very well and I am blessed to know you! the battle is frustrating and the time long; but saving just one of these little one’s is a victory! 🙂 thank you!!”

From David Ross: “When I began reading Secrets of an Old Typewriter by Susie Duncan Sexton I found myself not wanting to like this book, but as I read a few of the stories I became hooked on the author’s unique and out-front perspective on everyday events as well as ‘big’ issues. Susie Sexton makes no apologies for having been ‘around the block’ and draws from her experiences over seven decades to color in the chiaroscuro of the American Experience. Not like this book? Quite the contrary. I am now a big fan of Susie Duncan Sexton and hope to see more of her down-to-earth writing in the future.”

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