i cry every day…empathy is the only word i believe captures what seems to be missing

Following is a series of excerpts from a Facebook conversation I had last night with a wonderful friend and animal rights activist Trish Chambers:


i cry every day…those who brag about never crying or wonder about crying? make me really wonder about their ability to feel and empathize…how sad NOT to cry. (and some of those types make others cry BTW)

i am totally flabbergasted at the insane lack of caring…i can barely bear to observe it one more second…it is an epidemic of apathy…zombie time…where is rod serling when we need him…very creepy how self-centered people are. and i stand by that. cannot literally believe it. keep caring…means we are alive and have hearts…brave hearts that do not mince words.

certainly there are many many like us who think our same thoughts. i enjoy the comments from people who realize the significance of life and caring … i do not enjoy how haunted i feel though from blank stares and the inability or the stubborn-ness to NOT connect or to simply argue or to refuse to reach out to other people — and animals who are literally being massacred and demeaned and tortured with seemingly no second thoughts or acknowledgment from us of the physical pain and the horror.

when we venture out we wonder where sincere friendliness has gotten to and return home and scratch our heads. empathy is the only word i believe captures what seems to be missing…and there are hosts of folks who do possess empathy and yes i admit i do love those people the best and wish that quality would proliferate.

humans are becoming more and more isolated from one another and so hypercritical without true understanding or taking real time to appreciate others and to let them know that they do in real time not after death. human relationships seem to be going into the toilet…and facebook just reflects the human condition. it can be such fun and then someone gets snarky without fail so even hiding from each other via facebook is not always working i guess… ;D

these moments when some of us click are magic and i believe as meaningful as face to face contact. i enjoy facebook immensely but those times when shallow differences and adolescent behavior erupt boggle my mind –and mind sets toward prejudice and hatred established in people.

just like in life…we have to allow for each others’ differences. but those who act as if they sanction killing? beyond comprehension to me. thanks for for being there for others…truly being there…not superficially either.

i can usually recognize the keepers! and there are many. the rest maybe will connect with somebody else. so they can go their own ways. but the time for universally contemplating our own navels and licking our own wounds should be over…look around at those who really suffer like these poor “unimportant” living beings we discard like garbage and then go to a restaurant and eat them and discuss our weight and our health and chow down.

cannot watch anymore.

we eat vegetarian at home. i recommend that and do not give a hoot or a holler who might disagree with what is humane and sensible. some folks never change and that is their misfortune.

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