when human nature gets in the way of animal/nature

every once in a while, in a facebook animal welfare/rights/rescue group, you come across someone more worried about their respective group’s “rules” than the big picture.

these officious animal folks always make me put my tail between my legs, and i whimper and i go away forever. i was probably, in another life, one of those beloved animals i work hard for every day — no matter what species.

when you’re shooed (is that a word?) off, it is discouraging. to be so single-minded in a group’s focus and/or leadership limits free-thinking, diversity of voices, and engaged participation.

animal advocacy can get like that – which does not bode well for those other species for which we all wish to do our best. we disagree among ourselves and forget the cause.

if people could just be kind to each other as well as to all animals…i love them all and am still trying to figure out the breed called “human” though…

and we are still proud that we saved the lives of our geese one spring. i have a lump in my throat. i feel like a twelve year old. but, wow, it hurts my heart. i’ll rebound. i observe animals and they are masters of forgiving.

a bit bruised…but stronger than ever. brave hearts are required! ;D


ah, well…made me stop and think…difficult to do when we advocate all day long. if those animals we work to save could only write some essays and books and teach us even more than they do already…those of us who stop to appreciate them all…they are such teachers!

mary beth purdy-artz, thanks for all that you do and for your sweet nature…your naturally sweet nature! that very personable personality inspires others and encourages support of your causes!

and, roy sexton, had it not been for your efforts and your support of my intense love for animals, so many would no longer be alive and well. thanks for caring so much for people and for animals…who are all the same actually.

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