have you ever tried to discuss ideas with a politician?

have you ever tried to discuss ideas with a “politician”? impossible…all they want are donations…well, send your donations to homeless cats and dogs and organizations working to end the slaughter of animals instead.

forget donations to politicos…they use that cash to get a cushy job and forget all about the poor and the suffering and those they can consider beneath their new station in life. it’s all about money! and arrogant new power.

…honestly, they allllll want money and for us to shut up…never a thank you or truly listening to the concerns of citizens…it is all WHAT MAKE SAMMY RUN time…opportunism financed with donations and then “pet” projects for those who gave them enough cash and the rest of us pay through the nose one way or another…

we finance their catering to the wrong crowds and their lifestyles and their kissing up to the hugest fat cat lobbyists.

now, that’s terrorism. and that is frightening. and that should end.

no more money…running on ideas and improvements and fairness in the lives of as many living beings as possible should garner wholesome, natural votes from intelligent hearts! corrupted system out of control…what a sorry shame.


My letter to the editor about Rep. Marlin Stutzman was in today’s Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette. You can read it if you click here.

Appreciate so much the comment Tangi Rogers Goeglein posted on the Fans of Susie Duncan Sexton’s Facebook wall:

“I read your letter to the editor this morning in the Journal-Gazette. You said everything I have been feeling about our senator. He does not seem to care at all about the welfare of animals. I have received his ‘letters’ also stating he will be voting no on different issues relating to animal welfare. Thank you for your letter!”

wow wow wow…i have goose bumps for the first time in my writing career! love it! love her!

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