this is how I use facebook…

this is how I use facebook…cross-posting, sharing, convincing, and caring…

please help these beautiful, eager, haunted, expressive orphans who have been photographed, to link US at our keyboards in various locations with their stories and contact information. take 5 seconds to click onto their “life-line” photographs which then fills monitors with contact information…be sure to click SHARE when you see that information so that these lives reach even more humans and can be spared to find homes…please and thank you! please? we CAN save them all if we ALL care and work together to do so! yay! ♥!!!!

i gotta share these faces and hope you will also pass them along for their last chance to live out their lives. put america on the map as a nation who prioritizes animal welfare and rights to life~! thanks so much…just click onto their photographs to find the word SHARE and to save lives daily and nightly. bless those who care … and those who learn to care. and ADOPT AT LEAST ONE OR TWO! ♥!!!

when I look at some of these photos of unwanted animals I wonder if it is ‎2012 in a third world country? no, this is an unwanted living being in the U.S.A.

can we scooch over a tad and make some room for the surplus of frightened souls already here and educate the public about spaying and neutering and encourage lower costs for those operations? let’s give it a try to stop the second by second killings of sentient orphans stacked up waiting to die. thanks for helping…thanks for adopting…at least one or two.

if everybody could do what they can, we could empty these cages and start all over again…there are more than enough homes for all of the orphans caught in the storm of homelessness. thanks for helping to make that wonderful possibility a certainty. yes!

nighty night…adopt a shelter pet thursday or friday? oh, thanks for doing so. what a difference we could make…empty the cages! oh, wow! thanks for caring! ♥!!

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