why wait…when we know it matters to somebody?

we must do the best we are able while we live and do not wait for a rainbow bridge or resting in peace or heaven itself? then we can stop and be nice and help others NOW.

why wait when we could be doing that type of stuff right this second when we know it matters to somebody who needs a compliment or a boost to sagging spirits or say….a life saved in real time.

RIP really is not a favorite abbreviation of mine nor “well, we good ones will all meet in heaven and all of these slain animals will be there to meet us…” that type of spin discourages us from stepping up to the plate to stop such horrors as gassing and bullying and one upmanship.

being killed must hurt very very much…and the adrenalin released surely must be astounding and anything but peaceful. so frightening that we cannot empathize and prevent these horrors. ah, well. back to vacuuming and dusting…and wondering WTF?

sensationalism in ’round the clock news? enough already. and why can manKIND be such an SOB? gonna turn off all the “news” piped onto all kinds of monitors and get something done. yeah, that’s the ticket. you ain’t missed nothing but hysterics and diversions and a lot of empty bragging! i gotta not look for awhile at all the madness. LOL! gotta laugh to keep from crying?

HOWEVER…just when we get the impression folks are contemplating their own navels and totally self-involved in bustling toward god knows what and who knows where and filling us all in on their upward climbs, there is a story or a person who saves the day. hoo-rah! ♥!!!

Deborah Fields Perez: “If it weren’t for animal advocates, there would be no hope for these precious angels. I’m 100% with you! I’d fight for an animal ANY day of the week or ANY minute of the day.” (one of the many reasons we love beautiful and talented deborah! ♥!)

Tressa Marie: “WOW! Love this blog so much … just awesome everything Susie says in here! Much respect to Susie for all she does. Sending her hugs! ♥”

“Treat the Earth and all that dwell therein with respect – When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be… known as the warriors of the Rainbow” — Old Native American Prophecy (borrowed from CHARLIE whom i love!)

and this! “Knowing is not enough – we must apply. Willing is not enough – we must do!” -Bruce Lee!

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