REGARDING THE DEER CULLING SCHEDULED FOR NOV. 13, 14, 26 and 27, maligning our state’s parks’ system (read the story by clicking here):

This truly needs to be stopped. We do believe fewer “state parks” are participating in this “operation” this year–we did our best last “season” to protest. We literally cannot believe this horror is allowed, encouraged, whatever…great money-maker for this state = the real bottom line. Certainly there are some Hoosiers besides us who are appalled at this “canned” plan and the false justifications for mass murder and slaughter.

Wow, Indiana…please reTHINK?

Congrats, Governor Mitch Daniels, on your pending presidency of Purdue University, famed college of veterinary science; please take a tip from New York’s Mayor Bloomberg who called an almost instant halt to the marathon which would have damaged the reputation of his city at a crucial time for consideration of what is civil and kind and responsible.

Please prevent this heinous slaughter immediately, prior to the dates which have been publicized and reported for shutting down our parks for this profit-generating and profit-motivated mass killing — a misguided, rationalized massacre.

Thank you in advance.
Don & Susie Sexton


(informal) postscript…

wow…i am going to run through the forests ringing a bell and singing at the tops of my lungs…”the costumed hunters are coming…the costumed hunters are coming!” if it is the last thing i ever do…and it well may be.

CANCEL THE ST. VALENTINE’S DAY MASSACRES…ALL FOUR OF THEM. help me to stop this “hunt”! thanks!!!!!! the reasons are so manufactured and inane for this selling of licenses and guns and bows and arrows and bee bee guns and squirt guns and cap pistols and other toys…these annual murder fests are huge money-makers for our state. wrong-headed staged terror.

no wonder these deer are crossing our busy busy highways…the thugs flush them out of their domiciles. damn.

last year i gladiatored this topic all by myself…the “hunts” were not as successful as usual…and i am pretty sure the number of participating parks is less this year…but damn, this is just sheer idiocy and mean and nuts. ashamed of indiana. i KNOW there are hoosiers who believe the same…where are they? shy?


feedback on the above…view the scanned version that ran in the Columbia City Post & Mail here

Sharon McCullough: “cruel, unnecessary and only funds the gun, ammo, hunt clothing and accessories and hunt clubs coffers. I hear the guns in the distance all day.”

Madeleine Fisher Kern: “Misguided is a kind word. Heinous more like it.”

Ron Vogt: “The non-human animals of Mother Earth have been literally culled to death/extinction, by humanity. Isn’t it time we controlled ourselves instead of looking at it as though the animals are overstepping their bounds? One more reason why I love this quote, ~ The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men. ~Alice Walker.”

Mary Shaull: “Good for you!!! So proud of you. I was a tree-hugger once. It would be more fun to be a deer-hugger. Keep up the good work. We so need more like you!!!”

Shannon Wright: “Thanks for the tag!! Fabulous letter, thank you Susie and Don for standing up and speaking out. Being a Hoosier myself, I find this appalling. YES, this NEEDS to be STOPPED!!”

Mina Bonita: “Thank you Susie and Don for the tag ~ Must be stopped!”

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