animals have sensitized my soul…

Thoughts from a cold Sunday evening in November…

peabody pals

i truly identify with animals…always have…and have not always been there 100 per cent of the time for all of them who crossed my path. a failure i am so sad about. animals have sensitized my soul and they are so tickled for one ounce of devotion. i try my best to extend that attention to humans…but humans seldom reciprocate. to the kind souls who have helped restore my faith in humanity, thank you (both pictured above and quoted toward the end of this entry)! across the miles, you are there for me…THANKS SO VERY MUCH for boosting my spirits so that i continue promoting the concept of people bonding with animals.

hell, people hardly bond with people…how in the world are the masses gonna reach out to these bajillions of suffering orphaned abused beautiful fabulous animals whom you and i care about so much? back to finding these animals homes…and back to stopping hunting and slaughtering. my mission in life.

kindness and patience with the clueless people among us always works…i am figuring that out (but sometimes i am silently counting to ten under my breath so that i can smile and keep on doing what i try to do…quite a challenge! i wanna reach people in order to HELP animals…i love that goal! and as a result, humans WIN…appreciating others…truly caring…is a TONIC!


feral cats can be normal people! my theory holds up!!! yep…normal people! i really think they have gotten the wrong label with “feral”…what they become is self-sufficient when humans turn their backs on helping them. and i hold that with love and learning to trust they become …normal people!

in my lifetime, i have dealt with some borderline kitties…and brought them around. not sure how feral they might have been, but certainly seemed that way. and wow, how they changed with stability in their lives. but it takes patience and huge understanding


to my animal-loving facebook friends…

thanks, thanks, thanks for sharing these orphans every second, wonderful facebook friends! you’re fabulous…and sharing CAN save lives…truly! ♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



…i am looking forward myself to taking a break from facebook and book writing to CLEAN MY HOUSE..i think that will be therapeutic…i have neglected my own so-called life for way too long…i need to rediscover FUN!


loving these comments about yesterday’s blog entry (click here to read) – and about yesterday’s appearance at the peabody library (click here for photos, courtesy Cheryl and Steve Wood)…

from Mary Shaull: “You are simply gorgeous! Love the Michelle Obama shot too! Way clever…I am so touched by Susie’s devotion to animals. Two of our daughters have multiple dogs and cats – all rescued & neutered. I read the headlines and feel that a lot of human beings would be better off neutered. Can I say that?”

from Cheryl Robbins-Wood: “We really enjoyed being part of your book signing today….This was so much fun. Glad we were able to be there!”

from Evelyn Fisher: “I read your blog today! you are so sweet to include me! i’m touched! now i’ll keep up with you daily, there and here! You really are something special Susie!”

from Mina Bonita: “I love black labs too ~ I saved my Daisy 8 years ago and she is a mix black lab ♥…I am just a compassionate human being who has saved one life”

from Dee Turner: “Thanks for sharing the pics & your story, Susie… I added a few friends of mine to Squawk Back and wanted to thank you for saving Billy Bob…one of the lucky ones!! What’s not to love about Labs??? I’m ‘overbooked’ too Susie … but what kind of world would it be without books!!!!”

from Nancy Hartman: “Congrats, Susie Sexton, on your Book.. You Are SPECIAL…Congrats to your mom, Roy, she looks so beautiful and very happy…”

from Julie Shawver-Sisco: “Congrats to your mom, Roy! She is so cute!”

from Paul Clifford Schrade: “This little lightning rod that goes by the name of SUSIE has earned all her laurels! Thank god the best of times will never die with her around!…Why is it I see a schooner battling an angry sea with SUSIE in her oil-skins at the wheel, a grim and determined look on her face as she steers in the right direction!”

from Laura Papp Gater: “I had a fun time at the library last night with my friend Susie Sexton! The occasion was her book signing event. We laughed and talked and had fun!”

from Jean Goodrich: “Nice job, Roy. Put mom out front! Got my curiosity flowing. Oh yes, and the web page is excellent. A great drawing card. Congratulations to you and mom.”

from Corine Cathala: “It’s a pleasure!”

from Yuka Yamashita: “Thanks to Susie Sexton, for always paying attention and spreading stories about these unknown precious babies, for their chance to be rescued and chance to be stay alive!”

from Lori Mola Rundall: “Roy, I appreciate having a copy of your mom’s book. What a great opportunity for her to write about the things that she loves and is passionate about. How fun. Thanks again!!!!!”

peabody pals 2

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