i am quite overbooked…

Thoughts from a cold Saturday morning in November…

a fine, furry fan

just watched four people seeming to speak greek about marketing books. did not understand one word except for an author who seemed to lament the e-book rage and he was very young, too. he fears that humans will not accidentally discover those magical books they never would have normally looked for. as when one browses among used books and sale tables and library discarded book sales.I sooooooo totally agree with him. ABSOLUTELY! some of my most treasured books I just fell upon while physically looking for something else. ask my son roy if you don’t believe me…I have run out of shelves. I am quite overbooked!


peabody verse…

hoping to see you at the peabody library this afternoon…at 5!
book chit-chat and laughter and reading out loud and just happy to be alive!
me in a library setting — peaceful and quiet?
i’ll speak softly, with dignity? shhhh — should be a riot!


REPLY ALL and REPLY ONE…somewhere in between I can be found floundering around…I am so facebook trained that I forgot how to e-mail somewhere along the way? ;D I believe that I read somewhere that someone willed the pain of psoriasis away…i like that plan…cary grant willed a mole away once…but my favorite cary grant story is that someone sent his agent a telegram asking HOW OLD CARY GRANT? cary grabbed the telegram and replied himself with this message: OLD CARY GRANT FINE. HOW YOU?

busco library friends


my billy bob is a black lab…saved him…he had heartworm at the time…8 years now as my baby boy. yep, sometime i have got to share the intrigue of billy’s rescue…i kinda keep the story to myself…it is an amazing tale. he has lived another 7 years SINCE the treatment and he was in very bad shape…he is a miracle…i love black labs. i do!

from my dear friend Evelyn Fisher: “The animals are truly my heart! and I am truly blessed by the love of all the dogs i’ve had in my life. especially the little guy snuggled up by my feet; he’ll creep up closer here in a bit! and catch me by surprise every morning with a kiss! the love of a faithful dog is not a love i would compare with any other human ! the trust i have of my little babies is undoubtedly deeper then ever with a four-legged creature. i like to think that i have taken on my qualities like my dogs have taught me. love, love deeply. i love them like that, right back. i wake them up with kisses, when they are napping. and i know they are overfed, but i just can’t refuse them ! my little guy is from a shelter, we have had him 1 year this month. and our lab came from Texas three years ago, she was starving and covered with ticks and fleas. my boyfriend was down there working and brought her home to me when he came back home between jobs. middle of a Texas summer and she came down a gravel road to find him; she’d just had a litter of puppies, but they weren’t with her…..she’s fat and happy now, and spends most days chasing squirrels, (and to my horror this summer she caught a ground squirrel, which lived thankfully), and watching animal planet, and eating….Susie, you’re all the things I adore in a ‘Human’. you read, you write, you are kind, you love animals, especially dogs! you put the smile right back on my face! Thank You!”

and from wonderful Shannon Basner: “Susie, you are a true voice for the voiceless.” wow! thank you, both!!

and more from these dear, kind friends…

from Jessica Karla Stovall: “Black Dog Syndrome is alive and well, especially in the south. Thank you for saving Billy Bob!”

from Mary Shaull: “Stuff and clutter make a house a home. Can’t get my family to agree with me, but….I think it was James Whitcomb Riley who wrote, ‘It takes a heap of livin’ to make a house a home.’”

from Paul Clifford Schrade: “Someone must disrupt the profound silence sometime! Where better for the antonym of silence?”

from Cheryl Robbins-Wood: “It was great seeing Susie today…been way too long.”


quite a neat session at peabody library today…two classmates all the way from toledo, ohio!!!! looking like movie stars…steve and cheryl! some wonderful past neighbors…and ray and don. dinner with jeanne and earl, our adopted and brilliant kids!!!! thanks, laura!!!! loved the time spent with these special folks! wow!!!!! ♥!!!! what wonderful friends who have become family…yes, family. i am fortunate indeed!!!!! great day!


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