across the board. cannot argue one more second…

let’s all vote correctly? so that peace and love and kindness and caring about those less fortunate all go the head of the class? starting to worry that the wrong decision will be a death knell for our nation. what an incredible pre-election week thus far…

obama has my vote…democrats in general have my vote…hopefully, obama can be reached on animal welfare…the folks who’ll be surrounding romney absolutely do not care about animals…they all flaunt that every chance they get.

matter of fact, they don’t care about human beings either.

all democrats will get my vote…across the board. cannot argue one more second…i know our only chance is to vote for democrats. all politicians are out for themselves…but i believe obama will be his own person in this second term and i am willing to bet on that.

…i’ve given this much thought…our only hope…we are on the correct path, certain of that.

…but the secret handshake for joining the republican country club is “MUST HATE ANIMALS AND SWAGGER AROUND SLAMMING THEM (or pretending to slam them) EVERY CHANCE YOU GET” or so it appears these days…but life begins with an erection?

no wonder then….i call that the “peter principle”…remember that? ;D


love these responses:

Mary Shaull: “Oh YES! We must vote so that ALL of us are…Oh YES! We must vote so that ALL of us are looked upon as worthy and equal. Pray.”

Paul Clifford Schrade: “Since we’re of twin minds Florence Nightengale..we’ll probably vote the same.”

Irmgard Guters: “According to a recent survey over 90% of Germans would vote for Obama, me too. Conservative governments all over the world don’t care for animals, the environment, the ordinary people. Romney wants to cancel emergency aid, at least that’s what he said before Sandy hit the East Coast. Now he is collecting donations, what a hypocrite!”

Antoine Piroleau: “Absolutely! Would someone who wants to do away with FEMA give a rat’s ass about animals? I think NOT! VOTE DEMOCRATS ALL THE WAY!!”

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