going cold turkey: veganism and me

i was recently asked by my friend pamela on facebook: “hi susie, just wondering when you transitioned to no meat. how did you transition, and was it hard at first. is food still good? did you just buy a vegan cook book and start cooking? just curious as I have thought about it more than once.”

i just went “cold turkey” (pardon the pun)…all i needed to do was watch one too many graphic videos to get my head glued on straight…i was in denial about how “terroristic” humans are and how foolish to eat stressed out cadavers…

first, i am nicer than i ever thought — took me a while to face my guilt in all of the murders of sentient beings…some countries eat dogs…we eat pigs, chickens and cows…we are wrong as hell to do so…i had to be forced as a kid to eat meat anyway…and the seasonings and condiments and stuff make flesh palatable…it is gross to eat skin, organs, flesh when we stop to think about it and mean…

then i realized i like pasta and crackers and vegetables and now fruit for the first time in my life and i am never hungry…i ain’t a recipe person…i make great potato salad and stuff…so we eat stuff like that. my husband had both colon and prostate cancer one after the other and his dad died from colon cancer right when don had it…those cancers are caused absolutely by eating animals as is breast cancer and parkinson’s…so the side effect of being kind and not eating decaying corpses is our improved health.

a wonderful movie is BOLD NATIVE…not too graphic…mostly cerebral and logical and fine. i am so ashamed that it took me this long to wise up and to stop playing a part in second by second thoughtless massacres. it takes about 6 weeks before A PERSON WOULD NEVER EVEN CONSIDER EATING A KILLED ANIMAL EVER AGAIN.

hopefully, i didn’t just gross you out…but honestly eating animals is so despicable as to not be believed once a person lands at veganism…i even have a leather chair and it kills me to look at it. i ain’t nuts…i am nicer and healthier than i was at this time last year.

…and what is unreal is that weight drops off, arthritis subsides and i now wear skinnier jeans than i did a few months ago…you will be a new person. thanks for asking…you probably wish you hadn’t? ;D ♥ heart ;)wink


oh, how i love these comments about the above entry!

Tressa Marie: “I did the exact same thing….became vegan literally overnight, about 4 months ago! (even though I never ate red meat) And once you start eating fruits and vegetables, you don’t crave ‘junk food’ at all anymore. I feel better than I have ever felt in my life…and not just physically… mentally better too knowing that I don’t contribute to the death, abuse or mistreatment of any innocent animal. Much respect to you, Susie, for all you do!”

Rory Tipping: “Exactly how I went through it. She has a great way of putting her thoughts into words. Shared. :-)”

Deborah Fields Perez: “This was a great article, Susie!!!! Killing is cruel! This is something I truly don’t want to be a part of.”

Luna Dance: “Totally agree. It’s true. Honest! If you want to lose weight give up meat & dairy. Try it for a month. People give up cakes,chocolate etc, so give this a go..xxx…It worked for me but that wasn’t the reason i gave it all up as i didn’t know it at the time,so added bonus 🙂 xx”

Beverley Holden: “I do all that Luna, but I`m hardly a Skeleton..lol”

Dee Turner: “Love you, Susie Duncan Sexton. You are such an inspiration!! I chose to be vegetarian decades ago and becoming vegan is the next level for me too. Godspeed to all those enlightened souls who recognize that our ‘dominion over animals’ does not give us the right to cause such suffering & death without consequences. Great post as always! Godspeed ~xXx~♥”


and these comments on my new paperback made my day!

Shannon Basner: “Got my copy from Amazon today!”

Deborah Fields Perez: “Fantastic feel good book of the year! I bought my copy and love reading it at the end of the day. Such light-hearted, good-people stories. I adore this book. It will be on my book shelf for many years to come….It’s true!! I keep it within reaching distance of where I sit at night. You tell stories with such nice detail. I feel like I’m right there with you….This is such a well-written book that makes you feel all warm and cozy inside. You will truly enjoy reading the stories and feel as if you are right there with the characters. I bought my copy two weeks ago and I absolutely love it.”

Diane Bain: “oh, that’s fantastic for those of us who are so busy tending to and caring for unwanted bunnies with little time to keep up with online technology…looking forward to reading it!”

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