the sensitization must begin

my philosophy is we give the homeless animals posted on facebook a beautiful chance/chances to connect with some human angel by sharing their pix that they pose for as if they KNOW that is their LAST chance to hang onto their lives.

killing these dolls is just positively evil…nobody can tell me differently…so facebook drives me to help by spreading the word and hoping people climb on board to help locally and around this entire globe. the murders must stop…the sensitization must begin.

i know that when i bond big time with a photo, that clicking back on the actual picture brings updated info like SAFE, RESCUED, ADOPTED, LEFT THE BUILDING…or god forbid RIP at which time i cry…there is no resting in peace…dead is dead and we need to prevent the thoughtless and mindless slaughter of innocent animals every chance we get.

how about adopting at least one kitten or puppy or dog or cat from your local shelter? let us empty the cages and help to stop this crisis of killing, of throwing away, of walking away…let us change from a disposable society to a nurturing culture respecting all life…hoo-ray for a brand new day…a brand new start. thanks for helping and for saving a life…TODAY! ♥!!!


love this comment on the above entry!

Carol Baker: “Susie, I’ve been convinced for a long time that the way we treat animals is a direct reflection of how we treat one another. My life has been so much richer for having adopted an army of shelter pets, for you and I both know the secret… about how they make your heart bigger. Imagine a world where for one day, everyone who could, committed to adopting one shelter animal. Imagine how much bigger our collective hearts would be… imagine….Though I have to tell you, ‘rescuing animals’ is a misnomer. In every single case, it was they who rescued me. I know you know what I mean.”

and more neat comments…

Bob Wannberg: “Make all Shelters, places where animals are taken or held, ‘No Kill’ facilities. Prosecute any animal abuse (including abandonment). Spay and Neuter your pets, adopt a shelter animal and save a life! they make the best family members or friends!”

Kim Adair Willprecht: “Thank you, Susie…for all of your hard work. You have my ❤ for that.”

Luna Dance: “shared. xx”

Diane Bain: “fantastic, roy & susie. shared :)”

Lynda Craig: “Thank you for supporting this, Susie! Love your writing!”

Robin Plasterer: “I love your whole family. I’m going to buy this [Secrets paperback] and get it autographed at the ‘Busco Library later this month.”

Emma Schumann: “Beautifully written Susie. Thank you very much for posting this to me – loved reading this. Thank you ♥ Pleasure – enjoyed reading. Thank you !!! ♥”

Tyler A. Chase: “Susie, what a cool article. I have my ghosts too. I know what you mean. They’re a hard act to follow.xx”

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