speak softly or shout loudly…

help to make this a kinder world by speaking up even when speaking up seems to irritate folks occasionally…refuse to accept that deer are “harvested” and beef is “grown” and that any one of us or even one animal are/is expendable…

wise up and remember to love, to care, to nurture. sad to say that gentleness and kind concern require very brave hearts these days. but if enough of us refuse to back down, goodness will revive and survive and change this world for the better.

speak softly or shout loudly — singly and in groups and in a chorus that will assure the sanctity of all life. nothing else matters but caring enough to stop the madness and the violence NOW! thanks to all of you. ♥!!! truly, thanks.

New review of Susie Duncan Sexton’s “Secrets of an Old Typewriter” from Dr. Mary McCormack:

“I received this book as part of the Early Reviewer’s program but I have to admit I would have been attracted to the cover immediately if it were in a book store. It’s a sweet, short novella filled with reminiscences about growing up in a small town….The e-book format is not my favorite but I think it’s a great idea in order to get this book into as many hands as possible. I think some people will find it quite quaint (not meant pejoratively). I enjoy that tone myself. The author is a progressive thinker and the flavor of the book reminds one of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, a book I admire. She’s irreverent regarding the small town mores she grew up with.”

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