probably we need some “jerk whisperers”…as animals are more difficult to advocate for than can possibly be imagined

so tired of all the thuggery in our country. this is the 21st century and not the dark ages…and no longer a primitive world. disgusted with bullying and weaponry and sheer stupidity. time for punishment of those who seem to enjoy killing and have forgotten how to think and to reason and to empathize.

…i find all of this information which i discover online and through social media so fascinating, but more than that we need to improve this world of ours…yes, i do mean improve. peace is a top priority and sometimes we’ve gotta say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH–cruel and brutal actions are no longer approved of and ignored…look at what we have done without thinking for way too long…the 21st century calls for an evolution in thinking.

we must insist upon logic and resultant empathy — and boldly. bless your heart and your brilliant mind! i often feel i am losing…my mind! ;D this should be an easy task…but it hardly ever is.

“animals” are more difficult to advocate for than can possibly be imagined. very odd but true. the next front for advocacy…maybe should have been the first from the moment manKIND and animals met face to face. our EARTH would be thriving had that first human understood all that live have a right to live.

…i care about the innocents…those who should know better and are mean to innocents better watch out…a lot of us are speaking up and taking action…and i am certain A LOT OF US are no longer intimidated by the creeps getting away with bullying murder–totally mindless and horrible.

we need way more “dog whisperers” in this world…the other night i posted the sentiment…”hey, i am not a jerk whisperer”! probably we need some jerk whisperers to stop the bullying brutes who react in their idiotic knee-jerk fashion while armed with weapons and proceed emotionally to snuff out innocent beings. geesh!

…we have the ability to stop this kind of activity because we care enough to acknowledge its existence. brutality is unacceptable, mindless. no matter what.

most human beings are kind and empathetic and gentle and persistent and bold in their caring. i love the term “brave heart”….i prefer peacefulness…but if we have to shout for peace and NOKILL occasionally we must do that and not back down. hopeful that such consistency speaks for itself. peace should be the preference of and for all. live and let live. that can happen…truly. ♥!!!!

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