Lessons Learned in Kindergarten…Twice – published in InD’tale Magazine

My essay “Lessons Learned in Kindergarten…Twice” has been published in InD’tale Magazine This is really quite neat! You you can read it at the this link – the story starts on page 24 – you advance the pages through the arrows at the bottom of the screen after you click this link. You can also download a PDF or print. And the essay can also be found here.

Here’s an excerpt: “Little did I realize, during those junior high days, that I would be so impacted by my experiences that someday I would attend a teachers’ college. Under Mrs. Sheehan’s expertly professional tutelage, I observed firsthand that patience, discipline, organizational skills, and regimentation assure a successful learning situation. On the sly, though, I vowed that should I assume the valiant role of educator, whether in a classroom or the world at large, I earnestly would try to avoid categorizing individuals and instead appreciate diversity. Additionally, I pledged that I’d neither cater to students whose parents might be self-important squeaky wheels possessing a sense of entitlement, nor, finally, would I polish leaves of rubber tree plants ever again!”

And I LOVE this feedback…

From my pal New York radio host and man-about-town Colin Lively: “I love this … Susie is very brave to take such a stance for common sense, which has gone with the wind. I am speechless at what i see and hear in these times..”

From former Blue Bell employee and Wabash College alum Bob Kellogg: “That is a very nice story, a great reflection on the Kindergarten days. Susie is an excellent story teller.”

From Michigander and longtime healthcare marketing employee Barb Nicholson: “Susie writes so beautifully!! Always a pleasure to read her columns.”

From another Michigander and accomplished executive assistant Jan Tansel: “I love how Susie writes. It’s so fun to read.”

honestly at my core i am shy (don’t laugh!) and so this speaking up is NOT what i thought i would “brave up” and one day do…but i do , don’t i? ;D it ain’t easy always…but i am happy to do so! ♥!!! truly, thanks for building my confidence and boosting my morale! you won’t be sorry cuz i have a really good heart! as do all of you!

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