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“A 50’s view of today’s world” – October 6, 2011

By Martin L. Davis II

This review is from: Secrets of an Old Typewriter: Stories from a Smart and Sassy Small Town Girl (Kindle Edition)

A child of the 1940’s and ’50’s, Sexton aptly describes her autobiographical stories as ‘sassy.’ She visits various topics as a senior citizen looking back through her personal history, colored at times by old TV shows, movies and song lyric references.

There are few political comments and little political bias. She is a vegan and animal lover. Her treatment of religion will no doubt be considered irreverent by fundamentalists, but she calls it like she sees it and as a free-thinker, lifts up the hypocrisy of time-honored conventions.

The writing is sporadic at times, morphing into poetry on occasion, sentence fragments and stream-of-consciousness narrative.

I was reminded of Vonnegut as I read this relatively short book, at times poignant, scathing, and compassionate. It is worth a second read sometime in the future.

This was an eBook copy submitted in exchange for an honest review.

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