Bringing texty back (with apologies to Justin Timberlake)

With my modem (“moe-DEM”) taking a powder and my computer consequently on the fritz, I have resorted to texting. Thought this exchange with my son was fairly amusing (typos preserved for artistic effect!)…

Susie: Gee rebooted umpteen times still no go sometimes forty eight pop ups that send receive errors happened whaaaa

Roy: I am certain kconline was down, I called several times and couldn’t get through to a tech. You would get send and receive errors because the computer could not get access to them because they are down.

Roy (a few hours later): I just called and they said you should be ok now.

[NOTE: In actuality, we discovered, the computer was NOT “ok”…in fact, the modem is fried]

Susie: No wonder steve jobs is dead just sent message which failed i said i welcome the break pardon the pun luv u

Roy: Amen! I love you too. So sorry I acted like a poop [on the phone, around the time of the above “note”!]

Susie: That is okay tee hee and lol u were probly shocked my modem is broken not surprising to me cuz i sit on the floor with it a lot and now i am poking this f ing thingie

Roy: You are a saint! Thanks for your engineering prowess!

Susie: Yes i am and steve jobs was the devil would rather have wired my bible to moses the old fashioned way

Roy: That is funny! You sould post all this as as a blog entry!

Susie: I know what is ailing us we r both both both both of us nutsssssss now where r my ipod and my fire and more toys with which to avoid face to face and in your face and let us face facts while interfacing i would b more texty but i do not no how no how else no how

Roy: Exactly! Right on! And you are texting better than most!

Susie: 2 WHAt r u refuring sir now i drive u nuts with my flying digits this is insane tiny hal nforms me my messages is failing i no not which u b replying 2 y u b only available via a cell phone screen this takes me hours luv from flying digits

Roy: You make me laugh! This is a funny exchange! And, yup, I am getting these just fine!

Susie: 2 B OR NOT 2 B – Hell hath no fury

Roy: Fair enough!

Susie: My kingdumb 4 a HORSE OF Course

Roy: Of course!

Susie: Alas poor yor ICk i new him…Welllll

Roy: Foremost!

Susie: R u txting 2 8 PEeps at once??? Stop that

Roy: Meant to type forsooth!

…To be continued…

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