What can you do…to help stop this animal epidemic?

keep spreading the word and hoping against hope that folks get their minds and hearts onto this epidemic which can be corrected…people created it and people must solve it…thanks for caring…

okay. so an iPAD sports a highly touted 10 hour battery and thus receives great praise and sells well for around 500 bucks? cows should live to age 25, dogs maybe until 17? cats sometimes enjoy happy lives until 21. horses ought to be allowed to enjoy pastures until ripe old age. no batteries…just cooperation from loving appreciative human beings who respect LIFE rather than more and more gadgets.

awww, instead of banquets and pageants and committee meetings and clubs and all kinds of gatherings, why don’t human beings just stay home with an adopted shelter pet or two? new meaning for the phrase SOCIAL ANIMAL! please, save a life or two or three starting tomorrow…more fun than a barrel of monkeys…and society won’t miss ya one little bit!

yes, the truth hurts but does allow us to change and improve and for starters urge at least one adoption per person…such a simple solution. thank you. thank you.

keep reminding people to help solve this dilemma and not to just walk on by. ♥! animals are a gift and such fabulous fun and wonderful teachers…and there are more than enough to go around and be part of happy homes.

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