“Aunt” Trina…good-bye, little precious gentle one… 2012

‎”aunt” trina…age 19…our cat named after little disabled girl in PENNY SERENADE…covered up to her chin with a quilt. good-bye, little precious gentle one…thank you for finding us. =^..^= 1993-2012

trina has been part of our home nearly one third of our lives when i stop to think about her age. she was diagnosed with a heart murmur when she was a kitten…can you believe that? and almost 20 years ago… very sweet little disabled girl…exceptionally sweet. …

i do my best…and oh, what the animals can teach us about ourselves. so wonderful to move through life appreciating them.

…i get all wussy once in awhile and intimidated by the haters of us lovers and then i regroup with …myself, buoyed up by others like myself. ;D

it means more than i can express here that consistently kind-hearted humans provide that nudge that keeps each one of us on what i believe in my very soul is the correct and ultimately loving path.

i shall never back down…it’s not always easy to persist and hopefully prevail. but, to be fully alive is to protect the rights of others to live out their lives understanding every person and animal for who they are, as they are.

if toughness is called for, i am there…but i prefer gentleness and always try that first! ;D i know that you comprehend my statement here because you do what i do…and what so very many of us do out of respect for ALL life each day and our numbers are growing. ♥ ♥ ♥

…trina was a petite angel…going to miss her gentleness. glad we found each other nearly 20 years ago…


i cannot help but jump right back on the wondrous horse and help these miracles who need our protection and advocacy.

…glad to help the orphans at any time whatsoever. wishing i could help in educating the public…i get met with such stubborn-ness i wanna cry every other day.

but i don’t … i become more determined than ever. life can be meaningful when we get outside ourselves and look after others! what a tonic!

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