that is a brave move. 2012.

so the hoosier state plans to ban smoking except in bars and casinos?

alcoholism and gambling are fine and dandy? and devouring mammals (in those same eating establishments) which causes breast, colon and prostate cancer is hunky dory? not to mention ingesting flesh and organs causing diabetes and parkinson’s disease? chow down…but first watch the film EARTHLINGS!

honestly, watching these films and reading books and articles and listening to lectures by scientists who have earned their doctorates should be required of all…and for those who cannot read, we can offer to read this scientific information to them…probably have to tie many to chairs for the duration…but they will be changed.

many too cowardly to sit still and watch or read or listen, but not too cowardly when they place a burger into their salivating mouths. that is a brave move. toxic to the human gastro-intestinal tract, and human teeth far from comparable to only four meat-eaters on our planet one of whom is the saber-toothed tiger.

we EVOLVED to eat veggies…and no meat and no dairy products. so if one feels sickly, the reason probably is a lifetime of gluttony — swallowing substances toxic to our fragile little bods.

corporate america kills animals…and people…we are all mammals and we are not healthy nor wealthy nor wise. we are victims. to complain about our health is ludicrous — visit a slaughterhouse…hitch a ride with pigs, cattle, chickens as they travel frightened and crowded together and freezing in a semi tooling up and down our highways full of vehicles emitting carcinogens from mufflers. ah, breathe in that deadly air. second hand smoke pales by comparison.

wow, what a convoluted ride. of course, we are not actually eating our relatives because, according to creationism which may be taught alongside evolution in our school system from which monies have been withheld, adam and eve and their two sons, one of whom was murdered by the other, are our parents somehow and animals are only on earth for our convenience anyway…and when they inconvenience us we kill them…and then gobble them up…then artificially impregnate to make more and etc. etc. and so forth.

400 million dollars is generated by our state’s allowance of hunting so that the poor and prisoners can eat donated flesh which supposedly is diseased? 2300 jobs for relatives are available statewide to keep the licenses flowing from the DNR. not only are mass fatalities happening to hoosier animals but to some “hunters” as well and to by-standers just playing basketball near some field somewhere.

one out of three deaths is due to meat eating. i did not make any of this up…except maybe the adam and eve stuff…and i am not available for rationalizing-rebuttals.

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