i am in an eternal state of conflict…

i am in an eternal state of conflict which i wouldn’t wish on anyone.

i want everybody in the entire world to nurture all animals of the world, therefore, CONFLICT — just part of my psyche that i try once in a while to ignore — doesn’t work! i imagine i am not alone in those feelings…i get all empathetic and then the thinking part kicks in and then CONFLICT again.

there have been many instances where i faltered and i’ll never forgive myself.

it is so easy to figure every human being and every animal out…just takes patience which sometimes i run out of.

shame on me.

thou shalt not kill…such a simple sentence…what about that sentence are people failing to comprehend i wonder…and why are children being encouraged to hunt and kill?

a complete mystery to me…such violence means that either stupidity is at work or supreme cruelty.

hurting and killing are simply not acceptable…two choices, either supporting of murder or not.

i am not. not ever. i am appalled at anybody who does.

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