Some musings…on rodeos & feral cats…and everything in between

it is a new world…took me some time to realize this myself! and wow, i am planted firmly in the new world order!

my dad attended rodeos in new york…and he would be totally receptive to the world-wide disdain now for rodeos…he would be sensitized…his nature was that of one of the kindest souls ever to walk the earth until he died.

he is dead now…i am here and i know his heart and i am proud to be an advocate for what is kind and correct.

i cannot be kind about killing…my father also had to be subservient to the country club bosses at the top who did that dick cheney cowardly stunt of canned/contained hunting…but i reached him on that score and he admitted that smoking cigars and pretending to be big guys shooting at frightened geese or doves or quail absolutely sucked in real time!

i no longer am proud of those rodeo glossies that i inherited with cowboys swigging martinis and smoking big stogies arms wrapped around in each other in odd odd macho revelry while some poor schnook loaded up the abused animals to be prodded and poked and tormented to buck the jerk-wads off their backs at the next hoedown for the ticket-buyers.


no such thing as feral cats…there are however cats whom few care about who are foisted out on their own and must fend for themselves and reproduce like mad…

and disposable little feral kittens die by the bajillions under those circumstances…

feral = those victims about whom humans do not give one good damn…

who among us cannot relate to feeling pretty feral in the political climate festering these days where so many either hate…or become completely apathetic about life in general.

feral is a word toward which we humans are all headed if we forget to stop and help each other out and care. and that includes all sentient beings…get your hands a little muddy…reach out!

and learn to call violence and killing exactly what it is…violence and killing. start empathizing…oh, please? thanks!

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