…where is charlton heston BTW?

…i am appalled that the more i learn the more i am aware of all the money to be made from an overpopulation of cats, dogs, deer, etc. actually being encouraged…bodies for cash move down more avenues than can be imagined. and those who are profiting speak out of both sides of their lying mouths.

i wonder who or what any of us might be eating…where is charlton heston BTW?

and the few barons at the top could give a rat’s a$$, and we are so indoctrinated with propaganda that evidently way too many of us refuse stubbornly to evolve?

boggles my mind to argue about killing and the subsequent devouring of animals, whether diseased or malnourished or full of drugs or mad or frozen for decades…we eat decaying corpses of mammals which is what we are i.e. mammals, only we are equipped with fragile intestinal systems (colon cancer directly results from meat lust) and sissy little teeth…

we are not lions or saber-toothed tigers or bears last time i looked?

…killing? either for it or against it…wanton slaughter for profit is wrong. let nature be…let it be. it is not to be toyed with or prostituted for personal monetary gain. which is happening big time. murder, inc. and man can live by veggies alone… meat is toxic and that is the reason for one out of three deaths. hunter/gatherer language invented by those who think they speak a language which will indoctrinate lazy minds.

propaganda for profit. our teeth not designed to eat other mammals…neither is our digestive tract. guilt causes stubbornness…OR intelligent review and change…wisdom dictates the latter. we are all pansies but our brains are supposedly larger than the “beasts’” thus we should start using them? ;D

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