First Review!

From Myrna Bailey: “Susie, I just finished reading your book [‘Secrets of an Old Typewriter’] and it was delightful. I loved reading about all the Columbia City people, most of whom I know. Ralph was pleased that you mentioned his name in it :). Looking forward to your next one. Love, Myrna”

Thanks, Myrna!!

My response…

Oh, Myrna, thanks so much! I am ready for a nursing home after all of this composing, editing, waiting for instructions and assignments from my editor in GREECE…yep, GREECE.

We even had a skype session with Roy and Susie talking with that gentleman and his wife…via computer screen. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have believed authorship of a book would come my way.

It is a trip and a half, to say the least. Your words have made this all worthwhile! Love you!!!!

Thinking there may be another one or two future books scattered around this house – if I can just locate them. I need some assistants other than cats for my staff!

Susie Q

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