beyond all sense of reason…

oh, dear…archery prowess encouraged in “youngsters” and thus the youth were prepared for the opening of deer killing season today? (deer flushed out onto roads and highways as a result.)

how sad for all involved. safety seminars conducted so that “everyone” involved will not be harmed? huh? turkeys, flying fowl also scheduled for official killing days through “safe” riflery. oh. tragic.

why ever teach children to kill…rather than to appreciate life and the beauty of nature…horrid…and dismaying.

to teach children to kill is absolutely beyond all sense of reason…dismaying. where are we headed? we must speak up at every turn.

this cowboy mentality now spreading over to girls, too…what was the impetus? sarah palin, cheney shooting trapped quail and another guy in the face, this country’s pentagon machine killing more people including our own in manufactured war than during 9/11?

and how this is sanctioned in a “christian” nation boggles the mind. the two should never go hand in hand into “killing fields”. sick and tired of it…THOU SHALT NOT KILL.

perhaps the cowboy channel should disappear…everybody and his brother swears by that re-televised return to john wayne swagger.

viagra (viagara? do not know how to spell that “drug”) should be dumped into the ocean so that polar bears and dolphins and whales and seals can re-establish themselves and not go extinct! great proposal there! ;D

enough playing HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL.

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