Gassing Sentient Beings in 2011?!?

North Carolina is the land of my roots and as of late steeped in religious activities and displays of fervent reverence. How then to explain the manufacturing and distribution of gas chambers…set up in 24 locations I believe… with profits going to a veterinarian/state official? Ghoulish conflict of interest!

The videos displayed all over Facebook are revealing as to the horrific torture these animals experience. This is America and not a third world country. I am horrified at what I have witnessed and am certainly not alone in my discomfort and deep sadness at such horrid brutality.

The land of so many fabulous historical and literary personages, all of whom would be astounded at this holocaust in the year 2011, should rethink this abomination. I understand also that the state of Alabama participates in this terror by sending domesticated animals your way. Well, stop it and help me regain my pride regarding my kinship with a former adjutant general named Capus Waynick and my grandfather who was head designer for Blue Bell Incorporated, headquartered in Greensboro.

Until that time, I shall no longer visit your state and shall advise anyone I meet to also boycott the Tarheel land of plenty of which I was once so proud.

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