of all the -isms….

what is interesting is that a professor whose lectures appear on facebook said that of all the ‘-isms’, species-ism is the hottest issue…that the volatility associated with this topic is nearly insurmountable.

this is 2012, however, and if we begin to live harmoniously and not desperately, the sensible status of no more brutality and barbarism across the board CAN happen.

what the moguls count on and breed (like cattle and pigs and yes, deer) is the divisiveness they can foster from fear and loathing among us all, the people, us peasants – as the corporate giants laugh all the way to the banks they are currently destroying with their greed. vulgar murdering must stop on all fronts.

to each his own. what we have been manipulated into believing in 2012 is that we must continue to breed and murder animals…if we stop that, the environment improves, human health improves, and some billionaires lower themselves to live peaceably down to earth with the rest of us…the masses…who MUST speak up NOW! and no more manufactured wars.

we have been vegans for nearly a year now and all is well, especially on the health front. i cannot be moved to change what i have researched and totally believe in — join us! please! a wonderful discussion we are having


i am thinking…a bit hesitantly….that there actually may be more kind humans than clueless, screwed-up, self-centered, creepy humans? and to be kind lately calls for a spine of steel…onward and upward, brave hearts! step up, speak up, educate, be resolute and refuse to be discouraged. LOVE AND LIFE AND OTHERS DO REALLY MATTER.



From Vicki Floren Blanche: “you are such a great hilarious writer..i just can’t help but laugh out loud…you are beautiful…I like the ‘naughty serious’ articles best!”

From my facebook page – love this exchange with Edward Levine…

Edward Levine: “I believe Susie’s fingers are raw……The woman is like the energizer bunny…….She never stops…….And every thing she does is constructive and positive…….Susie I am begging you, try to get 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night…….Our furry friends, and all animal lovers cannot afford to have you burn out……..”

Me: “wow….what a neat response to my passion! (that sounds suggestive?) truly, though, i have been headed in this direction since standing around in a crib wondering what life’s supposed to be all about…took me this long to just sorta begin to arrive at some answers and to become courageous enough to speak up and out about fairness and a spirit of inclusion extended to alllllllllllllllll who live! i surprise myself sometimes cuz i seldom back down. it is a fine feeling at last!!!! you are my guardian angel, edward, if you don’t mind being referred to as an angel…angels walk among us in real time and urge us on with a gracious pat on the back. your support means everything to me! I admire YOU…so this is entirely mutual!”

Edward: “Being called an angel by an angel is very humbling….You are a true angel walking amongst us…..I wrote Roy about our lobbying for the Suffolk ‘Animal Abuse Registry List’ ….I told him I was too tired to explain. (I require an hour or 2 more sleep then your 6 minutes a night…….) I told him if he didn’t see it on my page to google, it or better yet ask you…….I spoke at a rally on Friday with the people from the Suffolk County SPCA, who have been given the job of enforcing that wonderful law the the Suffolk County Legislature passed….(I am sure you saw it right???)….I am going to bed, my main thrust at the rally, was terminology….No E word, when they are being killed, no S word when they destroy them and of course they are “not being put to sleep”, by gas chambers and heart sticks….Most of the people had seen my nonstop ranting, and vowed they would get the word out to more people…….Good night Susie, make sure Roy understands the impact of that law, when I read in Newsday that Roy Gross ‘Head of the SPCA,’ said ‘People in a neghborhood have every right to know if there is an animal abuser amongst them as well as the have the right to know if there is a chil abuser or pedophile amonst them’….I thought that was the mosy powerful statement I had ever heard from one of these normally empty suits…….When I called him to tell him I thought he was a hero, he asked me if I was the one who was doing all the posting on the vocabularly….I said I was and I would never stop until the only time the E word is used correctly…Smudggie and Murray, done out of love to end their suffering and pain because we adored them so much……..He told me he thought it was great and had heard people talking about and he would see me at the rally……Goodnight Susie, I love you my guardian angel…………..”

Me: “oh, my, edward! fantastic…i shall see that roy reads what you wrote here and on your site, too…gonna google. i am so proud of your courageous spirit…i find that speaking up can be trickier than hell. but i do not stop…i just figure out how in this world we can reach the stubborn and the ignorant and the selfish and the ornery. sometimes i just stand back and watch them hang themselves in front of god and everybody? ;D give ’em just enough rope. animals are way smarter than human beings…god should have stopped while he/she was ahead. my genius friend madeleine wrote of animals being able to live in the moment which humans seldom actually do…can you believe how many wonderful folks we can find on this social network? i call them ‘family’ because we are truly here for each other and earnestly working for a greater cause than ourselves. wow! ♥”

Edward: “Susie’s little blurb says, she is a prolific writer, political pundit, arts critic and mother of Roy……What it failed to mention, is she is also a prolific ‘liver of life,’ who spends so much time being the voice for the voiceless, the advocate for the neglected and abused, and the fighter for the helpless and the defenseless…….What a wonderful role model she is for her son Roy, and so many people who follow and admire everything she does, myself included…….I am in awe of Susie Sexton….”

Me: “tears welling in my eyes now…i am thanking you sincerely. i gravitate toward folks who are gracious and are generous with their time and problem-solving gusto and who boost the spirit of others. how did i get so lucky as to find edward levine????? ♥ BLESS YOUR SOUL!!!!!! love you, kind sir!!!”

Edward: “‎2 minds with the same thoughts Susie….That’s always great…….”

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