free will…

free will and will power and the ability to try to communicate with language and to aid others in understanding through literature and film and music and conversation and schooling…that is the very best policy of all.

and IF we consider ourselves the superior species and if we tell ourselves we are via human language which means very little to other species, we should then restrain ourselves from behaving in what some view as animalistic ways? the name for this is evolution.

and perhaps we ourselves can help lead the way. that is if we are indeed the master species. not too sure we are.



From Louise Charlotte Davies: “Thank you for introducing us to the wonderful and lovely Susie Sexton I have much deep respect for her and it has brightened up my world knowing that she is here fighting as hard as she does. ♥”

From Emma Schumann: “Susie Sexton is a wonderful lady x”

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